An international travel insurance plan tailored for all travelers for leisure or business and is designed to fit worldwide requirements; it covers travelers against illness, sudden injury, repatriation, legal assistance and non-medical assistance as well during their trip abroad.

The GLOBAL plan provides you with the quality and dedication that you are used to and can expect from Lebanon Assistance Inc. anywhere in the World.


The “Cedar Reduit Plan”, a plan especially tailored for Lebanese residents in Canada or Lebanese naturalized Canadians intending to visit their country of origin for leisure or business. Thanks to this medical travel insurance plan, our specialized team is ready to assist you in emergency cases such as hospitalization through direct billing of your medical bills, doctor visits, legal assistance and repatriation.


Specially designed to fit worldwide travel requirements starting with the Schengen visa, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and rest of the world up to a coverage limit of USD 50,000. This plan covers you against illness, sudden injury and loss of luggage with a rider project: against terrorist acts, personal liability and winter sports.


A similar coverage program to the Silver plan, the Gold version proposes an increased indemnity up to a coverage limit of USD 100,000. It also implements the same rider project as in the Silver plan.


It is never too early to plan your summer vacation; be it a family get-away or personal leisure, one fact remains true: for a great vacation you need great coverage.

Assist-Été is a great seasonal coverage package specially made for the summer time period.

This special plan covers you worldwide for very affordable prices.


A unique program for parents or grandparents of a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident, and for individuals who need to apply for a SUPER-VISA to visit their family in Canada. This program is offered by Lebanon Assistance to fit the requirements of the Canadian Embassy! Coverage is up to $100,000 for Healthcare Hospitalization, and Repatriation. Your policy will be issued by a Canadian Insurer.


“Bo Sourire” is a plan that all expatriates can benefit from. It provides you with the highest standards of dental care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, using a tailor-made plan for you and your family.

Third Party Administrator

Lebanon Assistance Inc. trusts on a wide network of health care and assistance providers in the entire Lebanese territories, Middle East, and West Africa administrated by its sister company “Swan International Assistance” part of Swan Group Holding, to deliver the highest service quality and to respond to the travelers’ and/or to the Assistance companies in a timely and efficient way.

Swan International Assistance’s network of service and care providers includes:

  • A team of qualified doctors and paramedicals with 24/7 availability.
  • Medical or mortal repatriation team and emergency transportation providers.
  • Service providers including leading hospitals and medical laboratories in Lebanon.
  • Direct billing and cost containment expertise.


Thank you for choosing the Premium plan for an unlimited medical and assistance coverage. The underwriting department will be contacting you in the following 10 min to finalize the process.

Please make sure that all your contact information are correct.

For more information about the conditions of your plan, please refer to the offers page or contact us on: 76/777717