Lebanon Assistance is an assistance company based in Canada. Its mission is to provide round the clock assistance of the highest quality to the Lebanese Diaspora all over Lebanon and around the globe to release them from unexpected and unpleasant situations during their trips.


Our Highly qualified multilingual doctors and paramedical personnel with 24/7 availability are ready to discharge you of what could disturb your trip such as direct settling of hospital bills, and any unusual and unexpected expenses. This plan is administrated by “Swan International Assistance-Mutual Care” (SIA-MC) a Third Party Administrator that offers a benchmark of healthcare coverage benefits to serve corporations and individuals.


Lebanon Assistance is part of the Swan Group Holding; a group of companies spread over three continents, and specialized in healthcare coverage, and international assistance services.


Thank you for choosing the Premium plan for an unlimited medical and assistance coverage. The underwriting department will be contacting you in the following 10 min to finalize the process.

Please make sure that all your contact information are correct.

For more information about the conditions of your plan, please refer to the offers page or contact us on: 76/777717